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קול שופר סוגי שופרות

The Shofar produces 4 types of sounds: Teki’ah, Shevarim, Teru’ah and Teki’ah Gedolah. Each type is produced using a different blowing technique, and its unique sound symbolizes a special emotion that accompanies our appeal to God


The Tekiah is a long sound, but due to the mouth’s position and breath length, most Ba’alei Teki’ah (Shofar blowers) end the long sound with an additional one, sliding to a higher tone. This is a Teki’ah ending with a Glissando, either as a deliberate ornamentation or due to technical difficulties. There is also a Teki’ah with a Glissando at its beginning.


Already in the Talmud (Babylonian 34:2) the Shevarim are described as groaning and moaning sounds. The Shevarim sound like a howl: they are composed of three short and sharp blows sounding like a moan.


The Teru’ah is (according to Rabbi Yitzhak Arama) the sign of distress and sorrow. It is composed of shorter and more numerous beats than the Shavarim. The Ashkenazi Jews produce Staccato-like, rhythmic beats, while the Mizrachi Jews produce a kind of wavy tremolo, composed on a long sound (like a chain). Normally, in order to produce the long sound’s vibrations, the Shofar Blower uses his tongue.

Teki'ah Gedolah

At the end of the blowing sequence: Teki’ah, Shevarim and Teru’ah (or TaShaT in short), it is customary to blow the Teki’ah Gedola (Grand Blowing): a very long sound, depending on the Blower’s blowing capability. As a rule, the Teki’ah Gedolah is three times as long as the Teki’ah.

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