Visitors Center

The visitor center is also adapted
for people with disabilities

Visitors Center

Who is it for and what can you find there?
We decided to open the Visitors’ Center thanks to our customers, who kept asking about the Shofar making process. We found out not much is known about the Shofar, and wished to give people a chance to learn more about this fascinating world. This has become our motto and vision, and we decided to open up the gates of the workshop to the general public. Today, we are proud to be the only place in the world that provides a rare glimpse into the realm of Shofar making , including explanations and a demonstration of the shofar production process.
A unique experience

At the Visitors’ Center, you will enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience. The entire audience, young children and grown-ups alike, will be impressed and study all aspects of the Shofar making process and buy a shofar. A personal Master Class can be arranged

On arrival, you will be greeted in our pleasant tree grove, where you will hear Shimon’s inspiring story. You will learn about the different kinds of horns, the various Shofars of the different Jewish communities, the various blowing styles and the Laws (Halacha) of the Shofar.
Later we will move to the workshop, where you will receive an explanation of the types of shofars, the process of making the shofar and Shimon will demonstrate the various stages of the process: drilling, polishing and polishing. You will get to witness the fascinating journey that a simple and raw horn goes through until it becomes a kosher shofar that produces amaizing sound.

Finally, we will move to our gallery, where you can admire a large collection of special horns, from the private collection of unusual shofars, you can buy a shofar from a huge selection of shofars of all types, shades and sizes, or from the exclusive collection of our boutique shofars and mezuzahs. All items are handmade.

So… what are you waiting for? Call us today and book your own special masterclass with Shinom Keinen at Kol Shofar. Contact us and schedule a tour!

Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu:08:00 – 16:00
Fri: 08:00 – 13:00 By appointment
Sat: Closed

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Kosher Certificate Kol Shofar

The cheapest shofar costs NIS 80, and the price increases with the quality and size, but you can find a shofar that will suit any person in any budget.

Here is an article that explains how to blow the shofar

Here is an article that explains the storage and handling of the shofar

The visitor center is also adapted
for people with disabilities

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תעודת כשרות קול שופר
Kosher Certificate Kol Shofar

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