Visitors' Center

Who is it for and what can you find there?

?Who is it for and what can you find there

We decided to open the Visitors’ Center thanks to our customers, who kept asking about the Shofar making process. We found out not much is known about the Shofar, and wished to give people a chance to learn more about this fascinating world. This has become our motto and vision, and we decided to open up the gates of the workshop to the general public. Today, we are proud to be the only place in the world that provides a rare glimpse into the realm of Shofar making , including explanations and a demonstration of the production process.

The Visitor's Center is Disability-Friendly

A unique experience

At the Visitors’ Center, you will enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience. The entire audience, young children and grown-ups alike, will be impressed and study all aspects of the Shofar making process.

On arrival, you will be greeted in our pleasant tree grove, where you will hear Shimon’s inspiring story. You will learn about the different kinds of horns, the various Shofars of the different Jewish communities, the various blowing styles and the Laws (Halacha) of the Shofar.

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So what are you waiting for?

Contact us and schedule a tour!

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מחיר לקבוצה של עד 10 איש המחיר הוא 300 ₪ לכל הקבוצה
לקבוצה של 10-25 איש המחיר הוא 30 ₪ לאדם
מחיר לקבוצה מעל 25 איש הוא 25 ₪ לאדם
התשלום הוא עבור ילדים מעל גיל 5
תנאי תשלום והערות: ניתן לשלם במזומן או אשראי במקום

לידיעתכם, על ביטול עד יומיים לפני הסיור לא תחוייבו כלל, על ביטול יום לפני הסיור יש לשלם 50% מעלות הסיור, ועל ביטול ביום הסיור יש לשלם עלות מלאה על הסיור

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Information pertaining payment:
Group of up to ten visitors: NIS 300 per group
Groups of 10-25 visitors: NIS 30 per person
Groups over 25 visitors: NIS 25 per person
Children under 6: Free of charge
Payments by cash or credit-cards, on site.
Cancellation policy:
Cancellation up to two days prior the visit: No chargeCancellation 24 hrs prior to the visit: Charge of 50% of total tour cost

Cancellation on day of visit: Full charge.

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