Kol Shofar

Shofar Workshop - Visitor Center

What is so special in the sound of the Shofar?
What causes us to be moved to the depths of our souls every time we listen to it?

Jews and members of other nations, secular and religious, in all of us is deeply embedded and connected to hidden times,
Shakes the soul and tugs at the heartstrings.

Its secret is in its clean, natural and primal sound, one that awakens the spirit and paints the sky with the color of holiness

Kol Shofar

Shofar Workshop - Visitor Center

Where to buy a shofar? at Kol Shofar Online Store Everyone is invited to choose a Shofar according their tradition and interests, out of our large and varied Shofar selection.

Visitors' Center

giant kudu shofar Shimon Kinan Factory for Manufacturing Shoforats

At the Visitors’ Center, you will enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience. The entire audience, young children and grown-ups alike, will be impressed and study all aspects of the Shofar making process and buy a shofar.

Our Masterclass

Production of shofars How to make a shofar in a shofar factory

Want to give a once-in-a-lifetime gift? Looking for a unique and rare experience? Do you like working with your hands? Come to our master class for an experience of heritage and value

Kol Shofar

Welcome, we are Kol Shofar – a warm and loving family business, a unique workshop for Shofar manufacturing and a one of a kind Visitors’ Center.
We launched our business in the 1990s, from our backyard in Moshav Giv’at Yoav on the southern slopes of the beautiful Golan Heights, and over the years, and by public demand – we have grown.

Articles and Information

תעודת כשרות קול שופר
Kosher Certificate Kol Shofar

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