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Our Masterclass
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Wish to give a once-in-a-lifetime gift to somebody? Bar Mitzvah, a wedding anniversary, or a birthday?
Looking for a rare and unique experience? Love creating with your own hands?
Book our Masterclass, for an amazing and valuable experience of tradition and heritage.

We love and appreciate best what we did and accomplished ourselves. Making a Shofar is an art which requires precision and looking after details on one hand, and an artistic creativity on the other.
If you love creating things with your own hands, if you feel a connection to this ancient instrument, and if you are queries to discover how Shofars are made – You have arrived to the right place!
Our Masterclass is a unique experience. A golden opportunity to labor and create in our special professional and well-equipped workshop. And above all, it is a chance to work with an artist who has dedicated his life to the subject, and has an unequalled experience and knowledge of Shofars making.
We shall meet in our workshop, and delve into the world of Shofars for few hours. The masterclass is individual. One-on-one with Shimon Keinan. choose from our large selection an unprocessed horn, which you will then together turn into a magnificent Shofar.
The workshop focuses on old well-tested manufacturing technics, in combination with modern machinery which were developed by Shimon himself, as a result of many years of experience and work in this field.
You will leave the masterclass with the knowledge you took part in a unique and enriching experience, and of course – with the beautiful Shofar which you have created yourself.
You shall also have the opportunity to purchase from our variety of products, gifts for you loved one, for a Bar-Mitzvah, birthday, or any other occasion you may wish to celebrate in a special and a meaningful way.

So… what are you waiting for? Call us today and book your own special masterclass with Shinom Keinen at Kol Shofar.

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תעודת כשרות קול שופר
Kosher Certificate Kol Shofar

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