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Welcome, we are Kol Shofar – a warm and loving family business, a unique workshop for Shofar manufacturing and a one of a kind Visitors’ Center.
We launched our business in the 1990s, from our backyard in Moshav Giv’at Yoav on the southern slopes of the beautiful Golan Heights, and over the years, and by public demand – we have grown.

Where to buy a shofar online?

Kol Shofar Factory Family Business At first, we produced only Shofars, kosher Shofars known for their high quality.
Later on, we expanded our workshop and began producing exclusive boutique Shofars – artistic silver-plated Shofars, and unique horn made Mezuzah cases.

What else can you find here?

In the early 2000s, following repeated requests from customers who wished to know more about the production process and How shofar is made, we set up a Visitors’ Center and began conducting “Shofar Tours” – an unforgettable experience, actively involving the audience, children and adults alike, who learn and try their hand in the Kosher Shofar making process. Today, we are proud to be the only place in the world that provides a rare glimpse into the secret world of Shofar making. the only place in the world that provides a rare glimpse into the secret world of Shofar making.

What do we believe in?

We aspire to make knowledge about the Shofar and its production process accessible to everyone, and make the Shofar itself – this unique musical instrument, which has been part of the Jewish heritage throughout the ages – available to the general public at a fair price.
We believe in uncompromising quality, excellent raw materials, and meticulous hand-made production. People get to know us and reach us by word of mouth, having heard about us from visitors who had loved our Shofars, our workshop and the whole touring experience.
So far, it’s been going great We are thrilled to know that our Shofars can be found in homes all around the world, whether as an art object or as a working Shofar, and we are happy to make our knowledge about Kosher Shofars accessible, and host groups from all over the world at our Visitors’ Center.

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Where to buy a shofar online

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