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  1. The Shofar is the musical instrument most frequently mentioned in the Bible – 72 times!
  2. In Biblical times, the Shofar was used as an announcer to mark the beginning of the Shabbat, to call for public gatherings and assemblies, to declare a revolt, war, and victory and give warning, and of course, during festive occasions and the coronations of kings.
  3. The raw horn goes through 14 different stages before it becomes an elegant Shofar.
  4. According to Halacha, we are commanded to blow a ram’s horn to begin with. Only if no ram’s horn can be found, can we use horns of other animals, except for a cow.
  5. The Shofar must be whole and intact, without defects such as cracks and fractures. Any crack or fracture immediately disqualifies the Shofar, rendering it invalid for blowing in a synagogue. 
  6.  Most Shofars on the market today are non-kosher Shofars made in Morocco or China.
  7. To blow the Shofar, you don’t have to exert yourself physically or have strong lungs! 
  8. A Shofar does not require cleaning or washing, just keep it in a cool, dry place.
  9. Washing or cleaning the Shofar will change its sound temporarily, until it is completely dry.
  10. Silver-plating or decorating the Shofar disqualifies it for use in the synagogue. However, you can still enjoy it as a decorative artefact at home.
  11. Each horn is unique and there isn’t one exactly like it in the whole world, not even its “twin horn”!
  12. Many different attributes determine the sound of the Shofar: the size and thickness of the horn, the size of the sound box, the length of the drill hole, and so forth.
  13. At Kol Shofar, we have developed a unique process that completely eliminates the bad smell of the horn.
  14. At Kol Shofar, we carefully examine each and every horn, to make sure it does not have the slightest defect that may disqualify it.
  15. At Kol Shofar, we maintain a high level of service and respond attentively to each customer.

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