Kol Shofar – the place to buy Shofars

So what is so special about our Shofars? And why should you buy your Shofar here? These are good questions we are happy to answer.

Anyone who has ever met us, undoubtedly noticed how passionate we are about Shofar making. We have set ourselves a goal at Kol Shofar – to produce the best, most kosher and highest quality Shofars, and we keep on learning and getting better at it.

A new vision of Shofar making

A rich experience, a great deal of knowledge gathered over the years, ancient techniques perfected and brought up to date, and attention to details – all of these have given us new insights regarding the making of Shofars:

We are not concerned only with straightening and finding the right place to drill in order to make a Shofar. We carefully examine each horn – its structure, angle, color – each one is unique. 

Kol Shofar – the place to buy Shofars 1

Even two horns of the same animal are not necessarily identical. The natural structure of the horn tells us what is the best Shofar we can make out of it, what type of Shofar will best complement the natural properties of the horn.

Making all the difference

There are some other things which we care about and excel at:


Ease of blowing and sound – Thanks to our vast knowledge and skill, we know how to get the best out of each horn, taking into account the needs of the Ba’al Teki’ah (Shofar Blower) when he passes before the Ark on Rosh HaShanah. Thanks to the meticulous straightening and drilling, and constructing excellent mouthpieces (!), we are able to produce well-tuned, easy to blow Shofars, with a solid and clear sound.

Smell and cleanliness – Our Shofars are the only ones in the world that undergo a process   eliminating unpleasant odors. Each horn that arrives at the workshop undergoes a process of sterilization and cleansing (on top of the sterilization regulations of the National Veterinary Service). We are unique in employing this process, as part of our ongoing efforts to produce odorless Shofars.

Exterior finish – The external beauty of our Shofars is the result, first of all, of meticulously sorting the horns and selecting only the finest raw materials. In addition to that, we place a great emphasis on the highest level of sanding and polishing. Each Shofar goes through at least seven stages: three stages of sanding (rough, medium, delicate); two stages of brushing (medium, delicate); and finally, polishing by flapwheels (medium, delicate). Whether the Shofar has a natural or smooth finish – our Shofars are well-known for their aesthetic beauty.

Keeping it kosher – At Kol Shofar, we strictly observe the Kashrut of the Shofars. The slightest suspicion which might lead to disqualification (a hole, a crack, a crust, etc.) is thoroughly examined, and if the Shofar turns out to be invalid, it is taken out of circulation immediately. Many people insist on buying Shofars only from us, because they know for sure they would get a kosher Shofar.

Service and reliability – We do our utmost to provide the best products and services to anyone visiting us – whether for a guided tour, buying a Shofar or an impromptu visit.

Kol Shofar – the place to buy Shofars 2

We are proud of the quality of our Shofars and our level of service, while constantly trying to get better. But seeing things with your own eyes is always better than reading about them, so why not come and see for yourselves?

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