How to blow the Shofar?

How do you blow the shofar even if you are not a professional? Does blowing the Shofar require great physical strength and strong lungs? A little hint: not at all. Come and learn the secret to correct and powerful blowing

Before you take up the Shofar, bring it your lips and take a deep breath, stop for a moment to understand something important: In order to blow the Shofar successfully, you just need to know the right technique. Contrary to popular belief – it does not require a great physical strength. Proper Shofar blowing should be done effortlessly and calmly. So How to blow the Shofar?

Blowing the Shofar depends on three things:


Blowing: The air must be breathed out of the abdomen (not the chest) into the mouthpiece of the Shofar, directly and continuously. Most people tend to blow too hard, wanting to make a loud sound, while the result is often a high-pitch, dissonant sound, indicating the blower breathed out more air than the Shofar can hold. We recommend that you try to get “the feeling of the Shofar”, and breathe out the amount of air that will produce the best sound.

The lips

The lips: Since the Shofar is an ancient instrument, and is not sophisticated in terms of sound control, it is crucial that the Shofar blower is skilled and able to control his lips’ muscles. Close your lips tightly (but not too tightly) and release the air through one concentrated spot, as small as possible, while vibrating your lips. Practice this, and you will master the blowing technique. Each individual has a specific spot which allows him maximum control of the lips. It is important to find that spot and strengthen it.

inding the right Shofar and mouthpiece:

Finding the right Shofar and mouthpiece: Sometimes, even if you do everything properly – you won’t be able to make a sound. This usually happens because the Shofar, and especially the mouthpiece, is not suitable for you. Therefore, it is important to choose a Shofar that matches the shape and thickness of your lips, your blowing strength and the desired sound. or that, you should consult an expert. In a regular store selling Shofars, there is a usually certain amount (usually very limited) of Shofars, which means the customers have to compromise. In our workshop, you will enjoy a huge selection of hundreds and thousands of Shofars of every kind. And, if necessary, we can adjust the Shofar especially for you.

Now, all you have to do, is grab the Shofar and start blowing. Good luck!

How to blow the Shofar? Please click on the demonstration video to watch practical instructions

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