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“Kol Shofar” is a unique workshop for all styles of shofar manufacturing. The shofars are manufactured by Shimon Keinan – a senior shofar blower, well versed in their secrets. The production process combines traditional methods with modern techniques and tools developed by Shimon himself. This is the most modern and advanced shofar factory in the world, which sets new standards in its field. “Kol Shofar” is under rabbinical supervision, and is known for its strict observance of kashrut. Among our customers are – Rabbi Mahpud, Badatz, ministry of defense, the military rabbinate, and other well known rabbis.

When Shimon holds a horn in his hands, he already knows what shape it will take, and the sound it will make at the end of the process. Shimon has been blowing the shofar for over 40 years; during that time, Shimon made shofars as a hobby until he realized he had found his calling and established “Kol Shofar”. With the vast professional knowledge acquired over the years, he has perfected this ancient process of manufacturing, and adjusted it to our times.


Kol Shofar
Kol Shofar, Shimon Keinan
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Kol Shofar - Shofarot Production and Processing for all ethnic groups under rabbinical supervision